ISARIC Global COVID-19 Follow-up surveys

Clinical Data Collection – The COVID-19 follow up surveys

All the forms on this page are used for standardised data collection. They have been designed to facilitate wide dissemination and uptake by enabling self-assessment (via post, online link) and telephone or in-clinic. They can be used on their own or combined with sampling and diagnostics for further assessments.

They may also be used to identify people with specific sequelae to invite for further follow up. 

The data collection forms are available in a range of translations If you would like to support further translations, please contact

The forms are available for sites to download and as electronic forms on the secure REDCap database, hosted by University of Oxford, UK. To access the electronic forms and database please contact us on:

Learn more about protocol (Link to long covid protocol)


Tier 1 follow-up study supporting documents

The following documents are in English.

Translations can be found below on this page.

Initial follow up survey

Initial freestanding survey

Ongoing follow up survey

Initial survey telephone script

Follow-up protocol

Paediatric follow-up

Tier 1 Initial Survey

For people that have CORE or RAPID CRF completed. To be used for the first follow up appointment. It captures data on physical and  psychosocial health, occupational status and socieconomic data, plus pre-COVID-19 baseline data.

Here are the downloadable Tier 1 initial surveys listed by language.

English: Initial survey

Español: Initial survey

Italiano: Initial survey

Português: Initial survey

Russkiy yazyk (русский язык): Initial survey

The Tier 1 Initial Freestanding Survey


For people that don’t have previous records using a CORE or RAPID CRFs. It can be used for hospitalised and non-hospitalised people.

Here are the downloadable Tier 1 freestanding surveys listed by language.

English: Freestanding survey

Tier 1 Ongoing Survey


This form is used after the first survey is completed. It can be used as many times as needed for ongoing follow up of people with a completed Tier 1 initial or freestanding form.

Here are the downloadable Tier 1 ongoing surveys listed by language.

English: Ongoing survey

Español: Ongoing survey

Italiano: Ongoing survey

Português: Ongoing survey

Russkiy yazyk (русский язык): Ongoing survey

Information and Consent Form


This templates can be adapted to fit local needs and requirements.

Sites are responsible for ensuring they get the local ethical approvals for the study.

Here are the downloadable initial information and consent form and the ongoing information and consent form (available in English only) listed by language.

English: Information and consent form

Español: Initial consent form

Português: Initial consent form

Russkiy yazyk (русский язык): Initial consent form