Data Capture Toolkit

Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Working with experts around the world, we create case report forms that address the clinical research questions that can improve patient outcomes. All forms include standardised data variables and are openly available for use and adaptation by the research community. The ‘ISARIC-WHO Core CRF’, suitable for outbreaks of unknown origin, is available here [link to CORE CRF download]. CRFs tailored for specific diseases are available on the research page for each disease.

CORE CRF download

CRF Generator

We have developed a tool to automatically generate CRFs and database files when you select the variables you want in your CRF. You can use variables from the existing ISARIC CRFs,  remove the variables you don’t want, and add others that are relevant to your site. By using the CRF generator, your database will be coded in the same standard as the ISARIC databases, enabling aggregate or federated analytics. You can access the code instructions and all of the resources on our GitHub page, or generate your own CRF using the BioResearch Integrated Data tool GEnerator (BRIDGE) webpage.


BioResearch Integrated Data tool GEnerator (BRIDGE))

Data Capture Tools 

There are several excellent systems available to collect and manage data. We support the options below. If you would like support on a different system, please get in touch at and we will do our best to assist you.

Manage your data using the ISARIC REDCap system

We host and manage a REDCap data capture system at ISARIC to support rapid research response across our global network. The system has standardised electronic case report forms (eCRFs) and databases ready-to-use for all the case report forms listed above, including the ISARIC-WHO Core CRF for any emerging pathogen.

Ownership and control of all data entered to this system are retained by the institution who enter them – without restriction. The system is free to use and supported by the ISARIC data team who manage access, storage, and back-up according to a robust data security framework. A mobile application is available for use in internet-restricted settings.

Contact us to use this system for data collection at your site. Your institution will be asked to sign our Terms of Submission which outlines the measures taken to protect your data, and to ensure patient confidentiality and data security.

Set up an ISARIC database on your own REDCap project

If your institution hosts REDCap, we can send you the csv or xml files to quickly set up any of our databases on your own system. Alternatively, you can use the CRF generator [link to space above] to create a tailored CRF and database that fits the needs of your site.

If your institution does not currently host REDCap and is interested in installing it, you can find read more on the REDCap home page and review their installation requirements page to understand the process.

ISARIC REDCap Data Entry Guide

ISARIC REDCap Mobile App Guide

Use any other data system hosted by your institution

We welcome collaboration with researchers who use any type of data system. If you would like assistance with setting up your own system, contact us at for advice or support to align data variables, map your data to the ISARIC data model, or access standardised tools to support your data management.