Optional CRF Modules

COVID-19 Case Report Form – Critical Care Module

The Critical Care CRF Module is designed in two parts (Part A and Part B) to enable more in-depth data collection for patients receiving critical care in an ICU or in any ward. Sites using the Core Covid-19 CRF can add the Part B module in addition to the Core CRF.

Sites using the Rapid Covid-19 CRF can chose to add the Part A Module on its own or Part A plus Part B, depending on resources and needs in addition to the Rapid CRF.

COVID-19 Case Report Form – Pregnancy Module

Data from the CRF Pregnancy Module is designed to be used in addition to the Core or Rapid – COVID-19 CRF. The core or rapid-COVID 19 CRF should always be used in addition to this module.

The module is designed to collect additional pregnancy specific related data. Data can be entered into this online e-CRF, then exported for analysis by those who enter it.


Pregnancy module

Critical Care Module