ISARIC has been committed to provide a wide breadth of COVID-19 clinical research resources since the beginning of the outbreak. These resources are fully adaptable and completely free to use

The tools below aim to cover a range of tiers, suitable for different needs:

  • Data collection only
  • Contributing clinical data
  • Research protocols
  • Guidance to start your study
  • ISARIC’s affiliated studies

Evidence & Reports

Tile subhead - Publications and Clinical data reports stemmed from the ISARIC COVID-19 clinical data platform.


Tile subhead - Collection of standardised clinical data.

Optional CRF Modules

Tile subhead - Modules to be used in addition to the Core or RAPID COVID-19 CRFs.

MIS-C in children and adolescents

Tile subhead - Stand alone CRF for children and adolescents.

Contributing data to the COVID-19 platform

Tile subhead - Secure data capture system that standardises global data on COVID-19.

Accessing COVID-19 clinical data

Tile subhead - Access ISARIC's data to generate and disseminate evidence.

ISARIC Partner Analysis

Tile subhead - Data analysis frequently asked questions.

Approved uses of platform data

Tile subhead - Current data research analyses.

Clinical data contributors

Tile subhead - Sites currently contributing to the clinical data platform.

Clinical Characterisation Protocol

Tile subhead - ISARIC/WHO protocol for standardised clinical data collection.

Long COVID protocol

Tile subhead - Follow-up clinical data collection

Long COVID surveys

Tile subhead - Survey for the follow-up of patients with confirmed COVID-19.

Long COVID paediatric

Tile subhead - Paediatric protocol and survey for the follow-up of COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 CCP Global Toolkit

Tile subhead - Guidance on the Global Clinical Characterisation Protocol.

COVID-19 Rapid Evidence Reviews Group (CORRE)

Tile subhead - High quality rapid evidence synthesis for use in COVID-19 research.

Associated clinical studies in COVID-19

Tile subhead - Clinical data collection with the aims of building a research or study

Publication library

Visit this section to find ISARIC’s articles, studies and more.

Latest news

ISARIC COVID-19 clinical database passes the half million patient records mark

ISARIC COVID-19 clinical database passes the half million patient records mark

On its 10th anniversary, University of Oxford’s ISARIC (International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium) demonstrates the crucial role of global preparedness and collaboration for advancing knowledge on infectious disease pandemics.

Children older than 6 and with reported allergic diseases are at greater risk of Long COVID, paediatric study finds

Researchers from ISARIC (International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium) paediatric Long Covid working group in the UK, Sechenov University and Z.A. Bashlyaeva Children’s Municipal Clinical Hospital in Russia ran the largest study to date on children hospitalised with COVID 19.

Time to reconsider the role of ribavirin in Lassa fever

Ribavirin is the only available Lassa fever–specific treatment and has been used routinely for over 25 years. However, ribavirin is not licensed for Lassa fever, its mechanism of action is unclear, it is expensive and hard to source, and it has well-known toxicities.