ISARIC members assembly 2020

What does it mean to be an ISARIC Member?

ISARIC brings together clinical research networks from around the globe to collaborate on research and clinical trials related to emerging infectious diseases during and in between outbreaks.

ISARIC members can participate in a range of activities related to the global network’s mission of improving global responses to infectious disease outbreaks by generating and disseminating clinical research evidence. Some of these activities and support are shown in the graphic below:


Clinical research

Conduct clinical research to produce the best possible clinical evidence.

Capacity building and support

Empower locally-led research by building clinical research capabilities, and by providing urgent research response support when needed.


Provide stakeholders timely and unrestricted access to the clinical research evidence produced.


ISARIC has member networks with clinical research sites in over 130 countries and provides a great platform to collaborate in global research. ISARIC members can also collaborate through contribution to our global data platform.


Promote the interoperability of our Members.


Accelerate the initiation and completion of clinical research

The Global Support Centre (GSC) provides technical and administrative support to its members. The GSC is embedded in the professional academic environment of the Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford.