The benefits of joining ISARIC

By joining ISARIC, you will be eligible to:

  • participate in ISARIC studies
  • propose studies to be conducted through the federation
  • utilise the services of the Global Support Centre
  • nominate individuals for ISARIC Career Development Fellowships
  • host ISARIC Career Development Fellows
  • apply for “catalyst” emergency research response funds
  • apply for ISARIC travel grants to attend ISARIC meetings – vote and shape the future of the ISARIC network.


How to join

We invite clinical research networks working on epidemic-prone infectious diseases to join ISARIC via the Online membership form.

Our Board of Directors will consider applications with the following criteria:

  • Led by clinical scientists (not necessarily doctors)
  • Active in patient-based research in epidemic-prone infectious diseases
  • Consists of, or have direct access to, two or more clinical research sites

Desirable criteria

  • A willingness to offer opportunities to ISARIC Career Development Fellows
  • A willingness to provide mentorship and support training activities
  • A willingness to release staff to support outbreak research activities


Current members

Current members are listed on the map below. To find out who they are, click on the map pins. To view the full members list, click on the expand map icon on the top right.

ISARIC’s members geographic location