The benefits of joining ISARIC

By joining ISARIC, you will be eligible to:

  • participate in ISARIC studies
  • propose studies to be conducted through the federation
  • utilise the services of the Global Support Centre
  • nominate individuals for ISARIC Career Development Fellowships
  • host ISARIC Career Development Fellows
  • apply for “catalyst” emergency research response funds
  • apply for ISARIC travel grants to attend ISARIC meetings – vote and shape the future of the ISARIC network.

How to join

We invite clinical research networks working on epidemic-prone infectious diseases to join ISARIC via the Online membership form.

Our Executive Board will consider applications with the following criteria:

  • Led by clinical scientists (not necessarily doctors)
  • Active in patient-based research in epidemic-prone infectious diseases
  • Consists of, or have direct access to, two or more clinical research sites

Desirable criteria

  • A willingness to offer opportunities to ISARIC Career Development Fellows
  • A willingness to provide mentorship and support training activities
  • A willingness to release staff to support outbreak research activities