COVID-19 Long term protocol

Long term follow-up protocol and study

 The ISARIC COVID-19 follow up protocol is built on ISARIC/WHO COVID-19 clinical characterisation protocol (CCP). It assesses risk of and risk factors for long-term physical and psychosocial health consequences following COVID-19 diagnosis using a range of validated tools.

This protocol will follow up patients with confirmed COVID-19 using standardised data collection forms.

The forms can be completed as patient self assessment via post or an online link, or via clinician/research led completion via telephone or in-clinic. It can be used to identify people for further in-clinic follow up and assessment, or in conjunction with sampling and diagnostic studies.

Global COVID-19 Long term follow up study timeline

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There are three data collection forms/surveys:

  • Tier 1 Initial Freestanding follow up survey– use for any person (hospitalised or not hospitalised) at the first follow up assessment


  • Tier 1 Initial Follow up survey– use for a person with a Core or Rapid CRF completed during an acute hospital admission at the first assessment
  • Tier 1 Ongoing survey – for additional assessment time points

These forms are available in several languages.

Sites who wish to use the forms can access them by contacting

Sites are responsible for ensuring that they have local ethical and regulatory approvals in place, including registaring with Euroqol.

Tier 1 follow-up study supporting documents.

Download the study protocol and the survey documents here.

ISARIC COVID-19 follow-up study protocol

Information and consent form

Initial survey telephone script

Paediatric follow-up

ISARIC Global COVID-19 follow up working group

 Louise Sigfrid, John Amuasi, Fernando Bozza, Ibrahim Richard Bangura, Anders Benjamin Kildal, Jan Cato Holter, Luis Felipe Reyes Velasco, Jordi Rello, Daniel Munblit, Antonia Ho, Lance Turtle, Clark Russell,  Anne Margarita Dyrholt-Riise, Carlo Palmieri, Edwin Jesudason, Wei Shen Lim, Muge Cevik, Tom Drake, Katrina Hann, Anna Beltrame, Madiha Hashmi, Sulaiman Lakoh, Jo McPeake, Colin Berry, David Lowe, Natalie Elkheir, Ellen Pauley, Annemarie Docherty, Ewen Harrison, Waasila Jassat, Murray Dryden, Malcom G Semple, Kenneth J Baille, Gail Carson, Janet Scott, Long Covid Support.