Evidence & Reports (updated version available)

Evidence & Reports

ISARIC Partners are invited to lead and participate in collaborative analyses of the ISARIC Global Data Platform

Follow this link to fill out the statistical analysis plan form required to make a request.

Who can initiate an ISARIC Partner Analysis?

Staff from sites and networks contributing to the ISARIC database, defined as ‘ISARIC Partners’, can request to initiate an analysis.

How do ISARIC partners know what data are available and what analyses are already underway?

The ISARIC reports (see bottom of page) and case record forms are available on this website, detailing the variables included, patient volumes available and geographic sources of data. All approved analyses are listed on the ISARIC website, with a copy of the statistical analysis plan (when complete) and the resulting publication (when available). You can see those currently approved on the right side of this page.

How do ISARIC partners request to initiate an analysis?

Requests can be addressed to the Analytic Project Manager at ncov@isaric.org

What are the processes/guidelines for leading an analysis?

  • ISARIC Partners who wish to lead an analysis can send a request including a brief summary of the analysis objectives, population, and research questions to ncov@isaric.org.
  • The summary will be reviewed by the ISARIC Clinical/Analytic team who will provide feedback and/or agree to move forward. To avoid duplication, researchers can review the analyses currently underway on the ISARIC website, and join exiting working groups where applicable.
  • For new analyses that are agreed, ISARIC will support a call to ISARIC Partners for working group members and organise a mailing list and conference call as appropriate. A writing committee may be designated if required.

What guidelines and requirements are there?

To support ISARIC objectives and comply with ISARIC policies:

  • Each analytic working group will be chaired or co-chaired by a researcher based in a low- or middle-income country.
  • The draft SAP and draft manuscript will be circulated for the input of each data contributor included in the analysis dataset.
  • Authorship of any outputs will be group authorship as “ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Group.” The list of group members will include cited authors from each site who contribute data plus the coordinating team, with recognition of the writing committee if applicable.

Is support available to execute these analyses?

ISARIC will provide administrative and project management support for the analyses. The ISARIC Clinical/Analytic team will be available for consultation at any point and will participate in each working group. ISARIC will cover any publication costs for open-access manuscripts. ISARIC does not provide salary funding for researchers.


Current report

You will always be able to see the latest report here. This is a DOI link

Report archive

In March 2020 ISARIC started aggregating data collected from their contributing sites with the aim to produce regular clinical data reports.

These reports have been produced using data from the ISARIC COVID-19 database.

ISARIC aims to accelerate the collective understanding of COVID-19 to help improve patient care and inform public health policy.

Thanks to ISARIC’s contributing partners the collaborative submitted data continues to grow allowing for a better understanding of COVID-19.

4 OCT 2020

3 SEP 2020

13 JUL 2020

8 JUN 2020

19 MAY 2020

06 MAY 2020

27 APR 2020

20 APR 2020

08 APR 2020

02 APR 2020

27 MAR 2020

Approved current ISARIC partner analyses

Critically ill cohort

  • Chair: Srinivas Murthy
  • Co-chair: Luis Felipe Reyes Velasco
  • Statistician: Mike Irvine

International comparison of age-specific presenting symptoms for patients admitted to hospital with coronavirus disease 2019

  • Chair: Mark Pritchard
  • Co-chair: ISARIC Clinical/Analytic Group
  • Statistician: Mark Pritchard

Time variation in the ‘inpatient journey’

  • Chair: Matthew Hall
  • Co-chair: ISARIC Clinical/Analytic Group
  • Statistician: Matthew Hall

International cohort

  • Chair: Christiana Kartsonaki & Emmanuelle Dankwa
  • Co-chair: ISARIC Clinical/Analytic Group
  • Statistician: Christiana Kartsonaki

Prognostic scores for coronavirus disease 2019

  • Chair: Mark Pritchard
  • Co-chair: ISARIC Clinical/Analytic Group
  • Statistician: Mark Pritchard