ISARIC Partner Analyses

ISARIC PARTNERS are invited to lead and participate  in collaborative analyses of the ISARIC GLOBAL DATA PLATFORM

Who can initiate an ISARIC Partner Analysis?

Staff from sites and networks contributing to the ISARIC database, defined as ‘ISARIC Partners’, can request to initiate an analysis.


What are the objectives of ISARIC Partner Analyses?

The key objectives of the partner analyses are to generate evidence that informs COVID-19 management and response, and to foster collaboration among global researchers to accelerate this knowledge.


How do ISARIC partners know what data are available and what analyses are already underway?

  • The data variables available are those included in the ISARIC CORE and ISARIC RAPID case report forms. Download the forms to see what variables are included.
  • The volumes of data available are described in the ISARIC COVID-19 Reports. These summarise the variables and patient volumes available, as well as the geographic sources of data. You can find more details here (link).
  • A consolidated list of all analyses underway is available here. All approved analyses will be listed on the ISARIC website, with a copy of the statistical analysis plan (when complete) and the resulting publication (when available).


How do ISARIC partners request to initiate an analysis?

To make a request, follow this link to download the statistical analysis plan (SAP) form. Your completed form can be sent to the COVID-19 Research Manager at


What is the process for leading an analysis?

  • ISARIC Partners who wish to lead an analysis can send a completed statistical analysis plan form including a summary of the analysis objectives, population, and research questions to
  • Those submitting the request are called the Chair and Co-Chair(s) of the analysis working group. Each analysis much include either a Chair or a Co-Chair based at an institution in a low- or middle-income country. Please contact ISARIC if you would like to be matched with a Co-Chair(s) for your analysis.
  • To avoid duplication, researchers should review the research objectives of the analyses underway on the ISARIC website (link) before submitting a new proposal.
  • The submitted form will be reviewed by the ISARIC Clinical-Analytic team and/or the ISARIC Science Committee who will provide feedback and/or agree to move forward.


What guidelines and requirements are there?

To support ISARIC objectives and comply with ISARIC policies:

  • The approved statistical analysis plan will be circulated for the input of all ISARIC partners.
  • All partners will be invited to join an analytic working group, chaired or co-chaired by a researcher in an institution based in a low- or middle-income country.
  • The chair, co-chair and statistician of each analysis will be invited to participate in the ISARIC Partners Forum to give a brief presentation of their analysis to ISARIC partners.
  • Authorship of any outputs will be group authorship as “ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Group.” The list of group members will include cited, named authors from each site that contributes data to the analysis, plus the coordinating team, with recognition of roles as per the CRediT CASRAI system (


How do working groups function?

  • Any ISARIC partner can join a working group for any of the analyses under development. Working group members act as the main source of input and review of the analysis and outputs.
  • With the support of the ISARIC Research manager, the chair and/or co-chair will organise and lead communications (via email, shared document and/or calls) with the working group to finalise the analysis plan, review results and develop the manuscript.


What are the objectives of the ISARIC Partners Forum?

  • The Forum is an open webinar used to inform and engage ISARIC Partners in the analyses planned for ISARIC data. The key objectives are to gain insights into the data (how collection differed across the sites that may influence our interpretation of results), to leverage the expertise across the Partners to improve the design of the analyses, and to ensure that all ISARIC Partners have the opportunity to participate in the outputs of their hard work.
  • The focus of the presentations in the forum is mainly on the hypothesis and design of the analysis and is an opportunity to address the comments made in the statistical analysis plan by other Partners. Analytic outputs can also be presented for discussion at the Forums.


What are the data transfer timelines?

Our data transfer timelines are based on engagement with ISARIC partners, and completion and publishing of the final SAP on the ISARIC website. Upon completion, we establish a data agreement with those who require access to the data. Following the principle of data minimisation, data access will be limited to the data required for analysis., and the individual(s) executing the analysis


Is support available to execute these analyses?

ISARIC will provide administrative and project management support for the analyses. The ISARIC Clinical/Analytic team will be available for consultation at any point and will participate in each working group. ISARIC will cover any publication costs for open-access manuscripts. ISARIC does not provide salary funding for researchers.