Current Opportunities

Hiring: Clinical Project Administrator

As Clinical Project Administrator, you will be responsible for supporting the development of ISARIC’s research agenda, research plans and clinical research studies, including tracking project progress, supporting document development, and liaising with collaborators. You will assist other research activities with a level of knowledge, skill and expertise which may include participation in preparation of research documents, completing supporting paperwork, supporting data management and ... Learn more

ISARIC Research Prioritisation: Stakeholder Consultation

Closing date - August 16, 2024

With the input of ISARIC’s Members, Partners and other key stakeholders, our research prioritisation activities are intended to guide some of ISARIC’s core programmes of work, ensuring that the most urgent, relevant research questions gain the critical research investments they require. We will take a multi-pronged approach to generating and reviewing ISARIC’s research priorities to ensure our agenda is agile and responsive to the changing landscape of epidemic-prone infectious diseases.   Learn more

Participate in a study to determine a core outcome set for Dengue

Closing date - July 26, 2024

The ISARIC DEN-CORE team has launched a Delphi survey to reach consensus on the most important outcomes for dengue. An ‘outcome’ is a term we use to talk about the effects of a disease that really matter to someone’s life. To decide which outcomes are important to measure in all future clinical trials of dengue we need to get everyone’s opinion and try to reach agreement, or “consensus”, on the most important outcomes. Learn more

Mpox Stigma Survey

Closing date - August 1, 2024

Mpox stigma happens when people look down on someone or treat them unkindly because they associate them with mpox (previously known as monkeypox). Learn more