CCP Global Toolkit – Dominican Republic

Case study: Dominican Republic

The COVID-19 Collaborative Research Initiative in the Dominican Republic joined the ISARIC / WHO effort to implement the Clinical Characterization Protocol (CCP) at a global level. It aims to capture clinical data from patients with confirmed positive COVID-19 diagnosis in a rapid, standardized process for coordinated clinical research.

The Initiative encourages and invites researchers and organisationsto participate in the capture of clinical data from cases confirmed by COVID-19. For those interested, the Initiative also offers technical support from the Research Group of Clinical Characterization of COVID-19 in the Republic Dominican Republic (PCC-19-RD).

This research group adheres to the collaborative principles of ISARIC / WHO.

ISARIC resources are free to use, and the researchers maintain control of the data and samples collected. These documents have been translated into Spanish and adapted locally by the research group on Clinical Characterization of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic (PCC-19-RD).

The main researcher of this project is Dr. Julia Rodríguez, Manager of the Department of Knowledge Management and Teaching of CEDIMAT. Dr. Alexandra Winter (CECANOT) serves as clinical coordinator, Dr. Jael Garrido (INCART), is in charge of data management; and Dr. Zunilda Núñez (José Maria Cabral y Báez Regional University Hospital), coordinator in Santiago and the northern region of the country.

The protocol and patient information sheets (on the right) were translated to Spanish and adapted to the Dominican context. 

You can request more information from Julio Canario:

Case study brief


ISARIC CCP Protocol, Dominican Republic (Spanish)

Patient information sheets


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