ISARIC Global COVID-19 paediatric follow-up

Long COVID paediatric protocol and survey

The aim of the study is to assess physical and psychological short- and long-term consequences of COVID-19 and define the risk factors for long COVID in children. Follow-up of all available paediatric patients 0 to 18 years of age, will be accomplished using specifically developed for the purpose of this study questionnaire.

The survey has been designed to be completed by either parents/caregivers/guardians of children and adolescents (0 to 18 years old) on behalf of their children, or to be completed by older children/adolescents from 12 years of age and above.
The completion of the survey assessments can be done as a one off assessment or ideally over serial intervals to assess fluctuating symptoms and longer term outcomes. The assessment is recommended to be completed at  1 – 3 months; >3 to 6 months; >6 to 12 months; >24 months; >36 months post onset of  Covid-19.
The questionnaire has been designed to enable wide dissemination and uptake via self assessment or clinic led assessment. It can be completed via   via post, telephone interview, as an online survey or in clinics.
The survey can be used to identify subset of children requiring further support or  assessments.
Each participating site is responsible to ensure that local ethics approval and other local regulatory requirements are in place as required.
Sites interested in further information and access to the electronic case report form on the secure REDCap database, curated by University of Oxford, or to join the collaborative working group, please contact us on:
The protocol and standardized data collection form can be downloaded and used for independent or collaborative studies.  Sites retain ownership of their own data. We kindly ask sites using the protocols for independent studies to acknowledge ISARIC and  ISARIC’s global paediatric working group. 


Paediatric supporting documents

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Paediatric follow-up protocol

Paediatric initial follow-up survey (EN)

Adult follow-up pages

Follow-up protocol (adult)

Follow-up surveys (adult)

ISARIC Global Paediatric Covid-19 follow up working group

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