A prospective public health surveillance study in epidemiology and outcomes of patients hospitalised with Dengue in South Asia


  • To describe the clinical presentation, demographics, including socio-economic determinants, illness severity, biochemical and haematological abnormalities, treatments received (fluids, vasopressors, organ support strategies, antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications) and outcomes for all dengue patients admitted to participating hospitals and ICUs over a 6-month period.
  • To evaluate treatment-related predictors of mortality for the cohort of severe dengue patients admitted to ICUs using modern causal inference approaches



Core CRF

Steering Committee

For more information and to join the effort contact data@isaric.org

Removing barriers

ISARIC is working with partners to improve new dengue clinical trials. The Den-core project aims to develop a Core Outcome Set (COS) for use in dengue research with input from a range of stakeholders. A COS provides a minimal list of outcome measures to be reported in all clinical trials in a specific disease area, in this case dengue trials. The COS will contribute to improved research quality, data comparability, and evidence synthesis, ultimately facilitating the development of effective interventions and evidence-based clinical practice.

To develop this list of outcomes, the project team are engaging with patient representatives, health professionals, psychologists, researchers, methodologists, epidemiologists, journal editors, industry, policy makers, and regulators.

Alongside this, patient representatives from around the world will be involved in designing and implementing Den-core, for example through involvement in the project governance and decision making. Through engaging with patient representatives, outcomes that are a priority for patients will also be highlighted in this work.