ISARIC’s response to H5N1 outbreak in the US: Case Report Form

Jun 18, 2024

18 June 2024: As part of ISARIC’s H5 readiness due to the increasing concern of H5N1 circulation in several mammals in the USA and the risk of transmission to dairy farm workers, ISARIC is releasing our CRF through all our networks and partners. We are working on aligning data variables with the World Health Organisation (WHO). This aligns with our commitment to strengthening evidence generation for emerging outbreaks.

In the context of recent H5N1 infections in humans and increasing circulation in mammals, we have worked with global experts to tailor our case record form (CRF) to address the most important clinical questions for healthcare and policymakers. In the event of human cases in your region, this form can be used to collect standardised data for efficient evidence generation. The form is free to use and adapt as needed.

In addition to the CRF, ISARIC provides several tools to support data collection and analytics, including a CRF and database generator, support for local data management, hosted data management, and analysis code. This CRF is designed in modules to be used for recording data on patients confirmed or suspected of infection with H5N1 or other subtypes of the H5 virus.

Contact the Data team for more details.

Download the CRF: ISARIC H5Nx CRF 17JUN24

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