Plasma mediators at the time of study enrollment demonstrated a broad exaggerated immune response in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Clustered heatmap of 33 immune mediators in plasma samples collected from patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at the time of study enrolment. Missing mediator data were imputed and values were scaled within each mediator. Rows and columns were split by K-means clustering. Each patients’ column is additionally annotated with data on disease outcome (“Severity”) as one of the following outcome groups: not requiring oxygen support (‘3′, n=132), requiring oxygen via face mask or nasal prongs (‘4’, n=106), requiring non-invasive ventilation or high-flow nasal canulae oxygen (‘5′, n=79), requiring invasive mechanical ventilation (‘6/7’, n=85) or fatal disease (‘8’, n=69). Columns are additionally annotated with patient age, sex and duration of illness at the time of sample collection (“Onset”).