Contributing COVID-19 clinical data

Staff of Pentecost Convention Center Isolation Unit on route to Treatment Areas

Staff of Pentecost Convention Center Isolation Unit on route to Treatment Areas

For rapid, secure recording and hosting of high-quality data.

ISARIC invites institutions, researchers and healthcare professionals to contribute data to the ISARIC COVID-19 Clinical Database. ISARIC aims to aggregate and standardise global patient data to accelerate the understanding of COVID-19 as part of the public health response to the pandemic.


Two data submission systems have been developed. They will enable those who wish to contribute data to choose the best option for their needs.

  • You can contribute via Direct Data Entry(REDCap) using ISARIC’s secure electronic data capture system
  • You can use the ISARIC COVID-19 clinical data platform, which allows data to be deposited in alternative formats. 

Read the descriptions below to select the best option for your needs.


Data management tools

Terms of Data Submission

CORE Data Entry Guide

RAPID Data Entry Guide

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Approved uses of platform data

1. Direct data entry (REDCap)

This is a repository that standardises and secures global data on COVID-19.
Ownership and control of all the entered data are retained by those who enter it, without any restrictions.

All systems are free to use and supported by the ISARIC data management team.

Data are entered into a web-based REDCap data management system, hosted by the University of Oxford on behalf of ISARIC. A mobile application is available for use in internet-restricted settings.

To use these systems:

  • Decide which ISARIC COVID-19 case report form (CRF) is appropriate for your institution
  • Contact ISARIC’s Global Support Centre ( to obtain access to the corresponding CRF on the database
  • Ask your institution to sign the Terms of Data Submission that outline the measures taken to protect your data interests and to ensure patient confidentiality and data security
  • Use the REDCap Data Entry Guide [link to redcap] to navigate and enter data from the CRF
  • Use the R Code available to generate reports from your data
  • Access regular reports generated from data entered onto REDCap
  • Bulk uploads to REDCap are available when using an appropriate Data Dictionary and Upload Tool

All data contributors are invited to input on the methods and contents of the reports.

If you have any questions about data contribution, please contact us at



COVID-19 reports

2. ISARIC COVID-19 clinical data platform

The ISARIC COVID-19 clinical data platform accepts individual patient-level datasets collected as a part of clinical care and follow-up, clinical trials and observational research, retrospectively or prospectively.

This option applies to those using their own CRFs or databases, that wish to contribute to the ISARIC COVID-19 Clinical Database.

This platform is hosted by the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO).


To use this system:

  1. Register and/or login to the IDDO website
  2. Visit the login page to contribute new data
  3. Follow the steps in our online submission system:
  4. Name your dataset
  5. Read and accept the Terms of Submission 
  6. Upload your study files in any format
  7. Upload supporting information such as protocols, publications and data dictionaries
  8. Add additional information such as the details of any additional users that you would like to have access to the account, the PubMed ID if your dataset has been published, and any notes for our data management team.

If you have any questions about contributing data to the ISARIC COVID-19 clinical data platform, or have any technical issues with the submission process, please email Please include a screenshot of the issue and your username.

Accessing COVID-19 data

Approved uses of data