The Pandemic Sciences Institute hosted the ‘Key Features of Technology Platforms for R&D to Rapidly Respond to New Outbreaks’ Webinar

Mar 16, 2023

The Pandemic Sciences Institute were excited to host the ‘Key Features of Technology Platforms for R&D to Rapidly Respond to New Outbreaks’ Webinar on Thursday 02 February 2023. Co-hosted by: NDM Centre for Global Health Research, The University of Oxford; Afrigen, South Africa; Friends of the Independent Panel; Vaccines

The moderated panel discussion asked presenters to lay out the specific characteristics that could make the platform suitable for rapid response R&D for epidemic outbreaks, and the possible challenges and opportunities that might be faced.

Key issues were the versatility of the platforms and need to have multiple complementary technologies available to work with, the importance of distributed networks of local manufacturers, including for small and medium scale production for local supply, the need to link manufacturing capability to R&D capacity and creating opportunities for researchers in the South to contribute to creating the solutions, not just be recipients, and the opportunities of process technology innovation to produce affordably at small scale, opening the door for sustainable business models for public health that can deliver at very affordable prices, with very different economies of scale than what is currently the norm.

Watch the webinar below.


Prof. Petro Terblanche (Afrigen, South Africa)
Prof. Sarah Gilbert (Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford)
Dr. Stig Tollefsen (CEPI)
Dr. Fabrizio Chiodo (Italian National Research Institute)
Prof. Gary Kobinger (Infectious Disease Research Centre)
Dr. José Castillo (Univercells)
Dr. Joe Fitchett (Institut Pasteur de Dakar)
Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall (Institut Pasteur de Dakar)
Mr. Achal Prabhala (AccessIBSA)

Learn more about the panellists from their bios.

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