Dengue Clinical Characterisation Protocol

A standardised observational framework to characterise dengue clinical epidemiology and address critical knowledge gaps to improve patient outcomes.

A comprehensive understanding of dengue clinical epidemiology is essential to tailor public health responses and design clinical trials to improve supportive care and therapeutics.

The ISARIC-WHO Clinical Characterisation Partnership (CCP) framework is a standardised approach to rapid, coordinated clinical investigation of acute infections of public health interest. By systematically collecting, sharing and analysing clinical data and biological samples, ISARIC partners use the CCP to generate evidence for clinicians, policy makers, and public health agencies to rapidly respond to dengue outbreaks and improve patient care on a global scale.

Locally-tailored implementations of CCP for dengue

Some sites have developed a local or regional adaptation of the protocol for their context. Examples:

  • A prospective public health surveillance study in epidemiology and outcomes of patients hospitalised with Dengue in South Asia
  • A Severe Dengue study in Bangladesh
  • A Severe Dengue study in Sao Paulo

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